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Donington Pool
Donington Pool is a well-known local attraction for anglers and for families who come to feed the ducks which are present all year round. Recently, access to the the Pool has been improved by the construction of new walkways and fishing platforms. The Pool is overlooked by a variety of trees, including many Yews, Limes and several mature Oaks. (Look out for these along Jubilee Walk). Among the more interesting birds here, look out for Nuthatches in the tree-tops and, if you are very fortunate, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker can be heard in early Spring.

The edges of the Pool have a variety of waterside plants which attract wildlife, including dragonflies. The ducks on the Pool are a mixture of wild Mallard and many types of hybrid. Moorhens live here too and occasionally birds such as Canada Geese or Grey Herons turn up. If you are very lucky, you might see a Kingfisher, Dipper or Grey Wagtail, (more likely in the Winter months). On Summer evenings, look out for bats flying over the Pool catching insects. These could be Pipistrelle or Daubenton's bats.