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A Short History

The Donington Pool was first created in the 17th Century by a local miller, John Talbot, who put a dam across the Humphreston Brook to provide a source of power for a mill. The Pool was originally much larger than it is at the present, but over the centuries it has steadily silted up as soil from local farmland has washed down the Brook. Swamp plants and trees such as Willow, Sallow and Alder have steadily colonised the silted-up area and eventually, if nothing is done, the Pool would be completely taken over by vegetation and would vanish. Therefore, from time to time, it has to be dredged out, to keep it as open water. The last time this happened was in the winter of 2011.

Since becoming an official Nature Reserve in July 2000 the area has been managed by a committee of local volunteers, working in close co-operation with the Outdoor Recreation Service from Shropshire County Council. The Nature Reserve Management Committee meets about four times a year to plan the maintenance and upkeep of the Reserve and to make sure that the Management Plan is being put into operation. The Committee was also recently, (2011-2012), successful in obtaining National Lottery funding for major improvement work on the Reserve.

Management Plan
• 2012